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Mieux sind Christoph Prager und Felix Wolfersberger und sie sind seit 2012 ein Team. Was ursprünglich als Remix-Projekt begann, hat sich schnell zu einem der beeindruckendsten Elektronik-Duos Österreichs entwickelt – weil die Musik von Mieux konsequent Genre-Grenzen sprengt und musikalisch neue Wege geht. Ihre Zusammenarbeit beschränkt sich nicht nur auf Studio-Arbeit, sondern auch die Live-Umsetzung war von Beginn an, ein gleichberechtigter und wichtiger Aspekt des Projektes. Konsequenterweise ist das Live-Setup innovativ und besteht aus verschiedensten Synthesizern, Drum-Pads, Sampler, Controllern und sogar einem Glockenspiel.

Erste Releases erschienen auf dem deutschen Label „UpMyAlley“ (Wild/Next Episode 12“ (2012) & Neufant EP (2013)). Mit der Veröffentlichung des Mini-Albums „Are You Happy“ (Mieuxmusic) wurde Mieux viel Aufmerksamkeit zuteil. Support kam von Tastemakern und Künstlern wie Gilles Peterson, Lefto, Bonobo oder Tim Hecker. Features und Airplay gab es von Medien wie BBC, Kexp, Billboard, Noisey, Dummy, oder Northern Transmission. Beim renommierten Boiler Room spielten sie sogar einen umjubelten Gig im Rahmen einer Ninja Tune Night, die zu Ehren von Dorian Concepts Album „Joined Ends“ in Wien ausgerichtet wurde.

Europa-weite Auftritte folgten und auch von den wichtigsten Branchen-Festivals (Canadian Music Week, Eurosonic Noorderslag, The Great Escape Festival, Reeperbahn Festival, Waves Vienna, etc.) wurden Mieux gebucht.

„Rust“ heißt der neueste Track des Duos und ist der erste Vorbote, der im September 2016 erscheinenden Veröffentlichung „Music Is Pain“.

English Text

Christoph Prager and Felix Wolfersberger initially formed Mieux as a fun-project to remix r’n’b and rap classics. However from the beginning on both sensed that there was more to Mieux than they originally intended. The project quickly became an outlet for their obscure and different musical aspirations – in this sense a way to overcome their self-inflicted musical boundaries. Their earlier work on the german imprint UpMyAlley (Wild/Next Episode 12“ 2012 & Neufant EP 2013) gives testament to this quest through its weird mix of styles, sounds or genres.

In 2014 the duo continued their musical evolution through a whole lot of free downloads and remixes (Noritake Takahara, Clowns, Fishing – all 2014). While the two are, up to this day, not sold on a specific genre, a certain implicit understanding of how and with what to construct a song harmonically and sound-wise developed. A basic attitude, which also strongly reflects into their ever expanding live set. While starting of with merely two midi controllers and a laptop, Christoph and Felix deliberately evolved their live-show into a constant conversation between all its parts and their studio productions. Switching between Glockenspiel, MPC, kraftwerk-y drum-pads and synths to add to their tunes, the two try to put on a different form of electronic live show, not only to add to the acoustic experience but also in order to make sure people can actually comprehend what they are doing on stage. Google “Boiler Room Mieux“ to get a glimpse of the basic version, which since has been ever expanding in size and sound.

This journey has so far peaked with the release of their mini-LP „Are You Happy“ in May 2015, which seems to be the first release truly capable of telling what Mieux is about these days. Their infinite amount of different influences makes it almost impossible, but the two seem to have found a place of their own, somehow. The easily misleading title doesn’t fulfill all its promises of a happy 30 plus minutes, but instead the two deliver a nuanced mixture of world music, obscure sounds, advanced compositions with modern production techniques. Massive support from the likes of Gilles Peterson, Lefto,, among many others shows that they’ve struck a chord with some people. Mieux are fast become one of the most interesting electronic acts today – on and off stage.